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Others can only teach you how to sell, we help you to WIN. 

The Artemis Partnership knows that the difference between winning and losing large, complex, high-stakes pursuits isn’t usually found in the “rational” explanations made by a prospect, which are usually tied to the proposed solution itself.  In our research, these reasons account for less than 30% of a buyer’s decision.


The other 70% comes from having a deep understanding of the real needs and values of decision-makers.  It comes from your trustworthiness.  From your ability to maneuver through political straits.


That’s what Artemis helps you do.

We will guide you to fully understand and leverage that 70% of the decision.  You handle the 30% which is the solution.

Together, you’ll be unstoppable.

Find the solution you need here.


A solution for each step in the pursuit process.  
There’s a reason behind every lost pitch. Maybe more than one.

If you know what it is, we can help you address it. 
If you don’t know what it is, we can help find it. Then we’ll address it.

And once we help you win, we’ll be your secret weapon for more wins.  And more wins.

The Path to New Business Wins

Not winning as often as you should? Consider all the steps of the sales journey. Challenge yourself with the following questions:

Pursuit Stages

Growth Strategy

Client / Prospect Meetings


Pitches / Final Interviews

Potential Issues

Do you emphasize high-value targets for long-term growth? Do you deploy resources  effectively, profitably? Are you prepositioned to win?​

Do you uncover real prospect needs? Are you a trusted provider? Do you get ahead of the RFP to make yourself the favorite before it drops?​

Do your proposals show a true understanding of the prospect?  Are they concise, clear, memorable? Are they really differentiating?​

Does your team connect with the prospect? Are your presentations focused?  Do you engage the prospect? Are you all on the same page?​

Artemis Engagements

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Strategic Growth & Account Leadership Consulting. You have a strong, quality growth plan for the next 12-24 months. Holistic solutions rather than services are identified for targeted markets. Fewer targets pursued with greater intensity, starting long before an RFP, leading to more high-quality wins. Propositions are compelling and marketing and capture strategies are well-coordinated.

Pursuit Consulting. Your pursuit team gets deeper insight into the decision-makers and influencers than they thought was possible or even necessary. They turn this additional intelligence into wisdom - compelling messages delivered throughout the pursuit that more strongly differentiate their solution, and more effectively convince the prospect.


(for individual major pursuits)​


(for multiple teams / pursuits)

Pursuit Readiness. Pursuit teams adopt the Artemis approach to current or anticipated opportunites. They find new ways to learn what really matters to decision-makers, and how to turn that into winning proposals and orals. 


Influence and Impact. Doer-sellers are better at building relationships, understanding the prospect and uncovering opportunities. They will persuasively differentiate your firm and your capabilties face-to-face and in proposals. 


Winning in the Room. 

Doer-Sellers are more confident and more engaging in real or virtual presentation settings. The team is authentic, their content is more concice, more interesting and much more memorable to the prospect. Teams are prepared to address the question or issue thrown at them.


Pursuit Audit. Have a clear independent perspective on the processes, skills and resources of your business development and account teams. Understand where investment or changes should be made and have a target operating model road-map to achieve industry--leading business development capabilites. This audit is driven by desk analysis of account and bid material, discussions with key Business Development personnel and in-depth interviews with clients and prospects.


Client Listening. Understand what your key clients really think of you. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your blind spots. You're able to make adjustments before your project or contract ends, and well before any new project becomes available.

Key Account Reviews. Provide challenge and coaching to your account team to target more ambitious growth, deeper reach, and a broader range of services. Ensure discipline in account planning and pursuit strategies.

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