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When you must win the Big One.

Artemis Pursuit Consulting is proud that its clients have achieved a 75% win rate on those bids we have supported them on. Especially since those wins were usually achieved with higher fees than their competitors were offering.

What we do to help our clients is not a mystery, it is a combination of the following:

Secure a deeper understanding of the decision-makers and their real criteria for selecting a winner​

Better position their firm as the prospect’s best option early in the pursuit.​

Tighter, more persuasive communication.​

Clearer and more relevant differentiation.​

More intensity – and more efficiency – in every area of the pursuit, proposal and presentation.

More energized and positive pursuit team, even when facing tight deadlines and challenging deliverables.

More impactful and compelling presentation or interview.​

Justification for greater fees with higher margins.


You have a major, must-win opportunity against significant competitors​

Your recent win rate has been below expectations​

There may not be much to really differentiate you in the eyes of the decision-makers and margins will be under pressure

Your pursuit team is mainly technical experts working in a Seller-Doer model

You need better fees with higher margins

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