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Manchester Intiative

Pursuit Coaching - NHS England

Bid Context.

Competitive bid to consolidate all non-critical health services in the Greater Manchester area under one organisation with a turnover of GBP £5.9 billion p.a.

Our Client.

Manchester Provider Board – a consortium of health delivery organisations.

What we are proud of.

Due to the bid success, the creation of Manchester Local Care Organisation now manages and coordinate all the parts of health and social care in the region which are not delivered by hospitals. This body is improving the way services and support are delivered through community-based health, primary and social care services and making a real difference to the quality of life and life expectancy of thousands of people.

Our Services.

We helped the team make an extremely complex, multi-faceted offer understandable and compelling to the decision makers by facilitation of a Win Room, development of win messages and positioning, structuring, and, and authorship of key summary sections of the proposal.

What our client said.

Michael McCourt

Chief Executive for Manchester Providers


We know you made a big, big difference to the bid, and the team and I are very grateful.

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