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Few sales training programs are built directly from expertise in winning new business through competitive pursuits. 

In other words, few sales training programs can compare with Artemis Influence or Winning Work Workshops.​

Most of our workshops are delivered virtually using a combination of short on-line seminars and virtual coaching sessions with teams of two or three. Of course our workshops can still be delivered face-to-face if preferred, and if circumstances permit.​

Fast-track your teams to win more often starting with your current key opportunities.  In a short time, you’ll see more new business wins, higher conversion rates and profitable revenue.  Your teams will demonstrate​:

Greater understanding of what really matters to the prospect – an area where most sales training comes up painfully short.​

Better questions to ask, better listening skills to hear the answers, more information to use to win the pursuit.​

Stronger, more persuasive positioning of the organization and your solution.​

Stronger, more authentic differentiation for each prospect.​

More willingness to bow out of pursuits with poor odds of winning.​


Your win rate is running below expectations, perhaps due to gaps in your understanding of client issues and decision-maker criteria​

You’re bringing in new business, but revenue and profit levels aren’t where they should be.

You wish to pursue more significant opportunities that you haven’t pursued at this level before.​

Your overall win rate is good, except for your most important or strategic pursuits.​

Your strategic growth plans rely on professionals and SME’s with underdeveloped selling skills.

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