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Get more value from your real strengths. Identify your real weaknesses.  Achieve more new business wins.​

You won’t improve your win rate by doing the same things you’ve been doing before. 

But do you know – really know – what you need to do differently?​

The Artemis Pursuit Audit takes close, thorough look at all aspects of your business development pursuits.  Planning, communications, proposals, presentations, marketing, meetings, and more.  Anything that could lead to wins – or losses.  ​

The Artemis Stakeholder Assessment is a sibling program.  While Pursuit Audit looks at a company’s own efforts, Stakeholder Assessment speaks with that company’s prospects.  These comprehensive – and confidential – independent interviews can reveal more crucial and actionable intelligence in thirty minutes than a team can extract from its own experience on dozens of pursuits.  ​

The Pursuit Audit and the Stakeholder Assessment deliver comprehensive reports on what to keep and what to change.  Both programs will point you to specific changes you can make that will immediately upgrade your new business pursuit approach and its outcomes.​


Your win rate is running below expectations.​

You are considering making changes or investment into the organisation​.

You’re bringing in too many low-value or low margin projects.​

You’re not certain you’ve been getting thorough actionable feedback from your prospects (or any feedback at all).​

You need an independent view on the organic growth potential of the business before an acquisition .

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