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Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Pursuit Consulting - Team One


Our client was well known and highly regarded for its 20-year relationship with a car company. And it had achieved an industry-average win rate when competing for projects in categories that overlapped, demographically, with their luxury car client. But when pursuing business outside this category, the agency had struggled.

The Pursuit.

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is one of the largest US-based wine companies with a broad portfolio of everyday and high-priced wines. Our client was asked to reccomend a campaign for one of

the lower-priced brands, though the winner would be assigned all brands in the portfolio.


We saw two opportunities for our client to effectively position themselves: (1) Show that the same process that allows them to persuade luxury buyers can be used to convince everyday wine buyers.  (2) Display their authentic passion for the brand and the category in every single touchpoint with their prospect.  That is, go well beyond the parameters of the pursuit. Both of these insights were apparent to us from our analysis of the very deep dive the team was able to take – with our guidance - to uncover the real motivations of multiple decision-makers.

Our Solution.

Pursuit Consulting.  A six-week engagement in which we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the pitch team and its leaders until the day before the final presentation.


Our client won.  They were told that the committee of decision-makers voted 7-0 in their favor.  “It was close,” they were told, “but it was unanimous.  We could see your passion every time we met you.  We knew you wanted our business, not so much because of what you said but because of what you did.”

What our client said.

Julie Michael

President - Team One


Artemis guided us to make some critical decisions that were difficult but, in the end, turned out to be a factor in us winning the account.  They kept us focused on the decision-makers, pointed out alternative approaches that we might not have seriously considered, and made sure we were consistent in our communication throughout the pursuit.

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