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Artemis Strategic Growth Consulting has one overarching goal: Quality Growth. 

We define that as high margin work from clients who see your organisation as a valuable partner. This may be from new clients who are worth extra effort to pursue and win. 

Artemis can help you develop a clear strategic growth plan that delivers​:

A tighter, better defined prospect list.​

Pursued with greater intensity and clear processes​.

Leading to higher win rates, more revenue per prospect and more profit per deal.​

And, importantly, prospects that allow you to showcase your best work – leading to more growth in the future.​


You’re considering new markets or introducing new solutions.​

You have recently had a restructure, or are considering making changes to the organisation

Your competitive arena or market conditions have significantly changed.​

Your win rate is below expectations.​

You’re bringing in too many low-value projects.

You rely on a business development team of Seller-Doers with little time to waste on pursuits with unfavorable odds.​

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