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Fort Lauderdale Police HQ 

Pursuit Team Readiness - AECOM


Our client was one of over 20 firms competing for this high-profile project.  They had good credentials, but so did just about everyone else in pursuit of the opportunity.  This pursuit was underway when we became involved, though the RFP had not yet been issued.

The Pursuit.

Design and engineer the Ft Lauderdale FL police headquarters.


Like so many A+E firms, our client had focused its pursuit activities on establishing its credentials and on connecting those credentials to the anticipated specifications of the project.  They had focused their relationships on decision-makers, most of whom would not be the actual users of the facility.

Our Solution.

Pursuit Team Readiness.  The pursuit team for this opportunity participated in one of our PTR programs.  During discussions, we counseled them to understand the needs of the building’s users, not just those of the decision-makers.  This made a huge difference

The Result.

A win.  The additional emphasis on the building’s users allowed our client to create a differentiating, and persuasive case for their design.  The design didn’t change in any significant way.  But the way it was positioned to the decision-making panel demonstrated that our client had a unique understanding of what really matters.

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