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Toyota Global

Pursuit Consulting - Czarnowski


Toyota had worked with the incumbent provider for many years.   Our client received an RFP for an assignment that would be the largest marketing RFP issued by Toyota North America to date.  The incumbent had been invited to participate, which added to the challenge of the bid.  Since it would be one of the largest opportunities for our client – and extremely high stakes for Toyota – our client contacted us because, quite simply, our client couldn’t afford not to win. 

The Pursuit.

Global customer experience events.


The analysis of decision-makers by our client revealed an opportunity to offer a transformational vision for the prospect.  To guide Toyota to rethink the present and future of the customer experience through traditional auto shows and beyond.  This led to a strong “win theme” that was expressed in all prospect communication, from the pre-RFP period through the final presentation.

Our Solution.

Pursuit Consulting.  A four-month engagement that began with a very deep dive on the prospect decision-makers which became a pursuit positioning and communications brief.  We then helped build a project plan which obligated each part of the pursuit team to deliver against that brief and project timeline.  We guided the team through every step of the plan.


A win.  Our client’s pursuit team delivered a complex, multi-faceted proposal and presentation with strong strategic and tactical elements, always focused on what the decision-makers needed to hear. The prospect clearly saw the value proposition and was very impressed with the above-and-beyond thinking generated by the entire team.

What our client said.

Matt O'Mara

Vice President, Czarnowski Dallas


This was an important opportunity for us.  And it required a complex solution and presentation.  Artemis pressed us to stay focused on the decision-makers, and what they would need to hear for us to win.  They also insisted we stick with our pursuit timetable, even when there were forces pulling us in different directions.  The team went into the final round prepared and confident, which showed in the entire performance.

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